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What is punk?

Punk is the most primitive rock music, composed of a simple melody and three chords. Born in the middle of the 70’s, a simple rock music from the 60 ‘s garage rock and former punk rock. Punk band punk music is not too particular about music skills, more inclined to the ideological emancipation and the sharp stance against the mainstream, this original intention in the specific historical background in the United States and Britain have been actively imitated, and eventually formed a punk movement.

The whirlwind of punk movement quickly swept into fashion, and punk culture moved from stage to life, people began to show their complete punk determination at all levels beyond the show: wear a cowboy outfit that wears holes, paints skeletons and beauties, and men comb their cool heads, and women shave their hair, exposing their blue scalp. The nose wears the hole to hang the ring, the body spreads the indigo fluorescent powder, seems must let you be satisfied with them askance, actually they do nothing, just want to show their difference, show their rebellion, show their dissatisfaction to this real society.

The punk style in the fashion circle has always been guided by Vivienne Westwood, the mother of punkShe has a unique bold personality, and uninhibited fashion style to the world to explain her special way of thinking and life attitude. Vivienne Westwood integrated the punk culture into fashion design and eventually formed her style and concept. Because of her promotion, punk culture has a far-reaching impact on haute couture. Vivienne Westwood also gave the French traditional haute couture a great blow for its outright denial and won a place in the international fashion world for British fashion.

How to become punk?

Female punk: classic black leather, thick bottom high heels, black mesh stockings, super short leather skirt, personalized printed T-shirt (skeleton, leopard-grain elements), Rivet accessories.

Male Punk: classic black leather, black leather boots, broken-hole jeans or leather pants, personalized printed T-shirt (skeletons, leopard-grain elements), rivet accessories.