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Spartacus: Blood and Sand” is a TV series broadcast by the American Starz television station, directed by Grady Hall. It was the first season of Spartacus, which premiered on January 22, 2010.

The series mainly describes the bitter history of Spartacus from slaves to Heroes, betrayed by the Romans, exiled into slavery, turned into a gladiator, assembled other gladiator slaves to revolt and fought for freedom-the most prestigious saga in the history of the Roman Republic.


Spartacus: Blood and Sand tells about the bitter history of the Spartacus from slaves to heroes. Betrayed by the Romans, banished into slavery and turned into gladiators-Spartacus was forced to flee from his own beloved woman and placed in the most brutal and prevalent arena of entertainment in Rome. But bloody battles are only part of the tragedy, and Spartacus will have to endure the test of wealth, corruption and temptation. To live, he must become a man, a warrior. To live, he must become a more important role than the Gladiator-a legend.