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More and more people like to wear stainless steel jewelry because it does not rust and tarnish. However, as we use them every day, we often encounter stains on the surface of stainless steel jewelry or sometimes its luster fades.  It is best to know how to properly clean and restore stainless steel jewelry because it could lead for the stainless steel jewelry surface to be destroyed.

Here are a few simple methods that will allow you to properly clean and care for your own stainless steel jewelry.

  1. Use appropriate cleaning agents found on the stores to clean the surface stains to clean and focus on stains.
  2. Be sure to avoid the use of liquids that contain bleaching ingredients and steel balls or other abrasive tools because of it will corrode the surface of stainless steel jewelry. When the washing is completed, do not forget to rinse the surface with clean water.
  3. Stainless steel jewelry surface dust and easy to remove dirt can be washed with soap and water, alcohol or organic solvent scrub.
  4. Mineral oil or baby oil can also make the surface of the stainless steel shiny. After cleaning the stainless steel jewelry with any cleaning agent, put a small amount of mineral or baby oil in a cotton cloth and start to dab it into the jewelry.
  5. If the surface of the stainless steel is bleached and adhered to various acids, it must be rinsed immediately with water, then dip in a neutral carbonated soda solution, and wash with a neutral detergent or warm water.

Stainless steel jewelry is a very versatile, durable, and has a very good material compared to any metal jewelry. Its texture is very tough and very corrosion-resistant. Unlike silver that turns black, and unlike nickel that most are allergic to, also unlike other jewelry alloys such as lead that is toxic, stainless steel jewelry always maintain its own color tone at room temperature, does not turn black, few are allergic, and is not toxic to humans.